Pink Hibiscus Australian Blend

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Pink Hibiscus is our lightest blend that has plenty of brightness and personality. Consisting of a 50% Colombia base, this blend is so sweet and exciting that you won’t be able to put it down after the first sip. Just like the flower it’s named after this blend is beautiful and a crowd favourite.

Bean ratio: 50% Colombia, 25% Brazil, 25% Tanzania

Notes: Syrup, chocolate, hazelnut and black current

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  • Artisanal Blends

    Savour the harmony of Lebanese and Australian traditions in each cup. Our blends offer a symphony of rich, bold flavours crafted for discerning palates.

  • Small Batch Roasting

    Immerse yourself in the freshness of every bag, thanks to our small-batch roasting process that delivers bold, aromatic notes with each sip.

  • Tailored to Your Palate

    Customise your coffee experience. Choose a strong Lebanese blend or a smooth Australian profile to match your unique taste.

  • Ethically Sourced

    Ethically sourced beans with community impact, every purchase contributes to enriching coffee-producing communities.

Our Coffee

Indulge in the symphony of Lebanese and Australian blends crafted by Red Cedar Coffee Roasters. Our coffee is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and a commitment to delivering an unparalleled coffee experience. Each cup is a journey through the rich cultural landscapes of Lebanon and the laid-back sophistication of Australia.

Coffee Questions

How fresh is your coffee?

Our coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. We take pride in delivering bold, aromatic notes in every bag.

Are your beans ethically sourced?

Yes, we are committed to ethical sourcing. A portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting initiatives that enrich the lives of coffee-producing communities.

What makes your blends unique?

Our blends are a fusion of Lebanese and Australian traditions, creating a distinctive flavor profile that sets us apart. Experience the harmonious balance of tradition and innovation in every cup.

How can I make a wholesale purchase?

For wholesale inquiries, reach out to our dedicated team via the form on this page. We offer training and ongoing support to ensure your café can consistently deliver a memorable coffee experience.

Elevate your coffee ritual with Red Cedar blends – a journey through the finest Lebanese and Australian coffee traditions. Shop now and savor the richness of our story in every sip.